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Sewer system with KG-PVC pipe


Where can be used the Method?

In all kind of ground, but especially:

  • in bigger depths
  • in groundwater
  • in sandy-soiled ground, with groundwater
  • on busy areas

The technology facilitates the sewerage with KG-PVC product pipe across diverse lines (like roads, railroads, rivers etc.) under streams, or the pipe laying for public utilities in big deepness, with minimal demolition work.

The basic equipment is similar to a conventional pipe jacking equipment, comprises those parts, completed with such elements as digital teodolite, pilot culms, signal transmitter, digital camera and monitor.

Principe: A pilot bore is driven to line and level. This will be the axis line of boring. Once complete, the auger follows the pilot prior to pipe installation. At the same time the pilot tubes are pushed out into the target pit. Through the tubular pilot culms the target can be followed with the camera.

In the target pit a reamer/backreamer is attached to the drill system string and pulled back, to enlarge the bore wall to comfortably accommodate the product wire, conduit or pipe that is subsequently pulled into place.

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