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Pipe bursting / recovery


In-line replacement (ILR): for the repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of existing buried pipes and structures without (or limited) excavation, or when the capacity or state of pipelines is found to be inadequate, then ILR should be considered. Steel-, cast-iron-, clay-, plastic pipes can be crunched.

The method has three phases:

1.pipe bursting, the old pipe is broken into small pieces

2.pipe removal, the old pipe is taken out by means of slurry, or auger

3.pipe insertation, a new pipe is jacked in

Pipe bursting uses a special head to break the old pipe and forces particles in the earth whereas a new pipe is pulled and/or pushed in its place simultaneously to replace the old with 65t maximal power.
Only small starting- and target pits is needed. In many cases the existing shaft is enough for crunch.

Besides these facts, the method causes minimal disruption to traffic and can be fulfilled in bad weather as well.

We have for pipe bursting technology 2 equipments with winder and a machine with steel rod.

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