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Concrete pipe jacking


With our decades long experience we are able to finish very difficult challenges as well.
Concrete pipe jacking is a method of installing pipelines without disrupting existing surface facilities or activities.

The basic methods of concrete pipe jacking are similar for steel pipe jacking. Boring machine running on track is equipped with a cutting head attached with screw type auger inserted inside casing pipe is rotated by diesel engine driven mechanized system.

This will cut the soil and will make a hole to accommodate casing pipe to be pushed by hydraulic system arranged on Auger boring machine itself.

Bored soil stuff comes out with the rotation of screw conveyor (Auger).

The operators place the auger inside a casing. The auger head bores out in front as the concrete casing is installed at the same time.

For the method is high safety, fortified start- and target shaft needed.

Can be used to install concrete pipes in changeable ground conditions

Groundwater must be minimally 20 cm under the flowage bottom; otherwise the exact pipe controlling cannot be ensured.

In case when pipe is being installed in groundwater, the water must be pumped out from shafts into sump, or vacuum pit must be used.

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