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Steel pipe jacking


With our own developments we are able to work under minimal ground cover without any street injury.
The method is an ideal solution for the installation of steel casings and ducts where conventional open cut methods are not permitted, practical, environmentally or economically viable. It’s a dry method of installation - Does not generate slurry. Can be used to install pipes in changeable ground conditions; under Railways, Roads, Rivers and Buildings.
We own and operate the widest and most versatile range of auger boring systems. With an array of equipments we are able to work, in changeable ground conditions: in clay, in stony ground and in rock. We own special industrial diamond and vidia cutting heads for this. We are able to do the widest range of works from diameter 159 mm, up to 1400 mm. We can install pipes and ducts from 159mmO up to 1400mmO, in distances from 5 meters up to over 100 meters.
No disruption to surface, buildings, road, river, rail or traffic during the process. We can also bore the wall of an existing pipe or shaft if needed.
On our depot we have all kind of pipes for this from diameter 159 mm - up to 1000 mm. We can any time meet the clients’ wishes.

Auger boring provides a safe method of installing pipes and cable ducts while supporting the ground during the bore.

Continuous flights (contained within a steel pipe) are rotated and simultaneously pushed into the ground.

As the bore progresses the ground is cut and the auger flights convey the material back into the work pit.

On clients’ request we can take on completely transaction of these projects including licenses and auditor providing.

By an average project the method can operate from 6 meters long, 2,5 meters wide starting pit. Target pit is as small as 1,5m x 1,5m. The deep of the shaft depends on pipe jacking deepness. Axis centre may be 70 cm over the shaft bottom up to diameter 1000 mm, over 1000 mm it may be 100 cm. These parameters can be changed depend on project conditions.

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