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About us

The A.C.V. TOOLMANUFACTURING LTD. continues the old tradition of Bakony Művek Co. (established: 1938) In June of 2008 our technicians with more decades’ long experience started the work in Zirc. Our collective owner with the much recognized road-boring company ACÉL-VAKOND LTD. gives us a stable background to our innovative activity. Along our Hungarian business partners we have more and more external orders. This fact can represent the effective and qualitative work that we are able to do.

Our company can look back in design and manufacturing of cold forming- (punching, cutting, bending, deep-drawing, progressive), and moulding tools on a very long past. Our experience is comleted with designing and making of measuring- and other tools in the massproduction.
We do also metal-works with NC and CNC technology.

Our tool factory has overall 25 employees
19 metal-workers,
2 engineers,
2 technicians and logistics,
and 2 managers.

Our purpose is to ensure the quality of our products and services, fulfil the client’s demands and observe the various nature reserve rules.

We would like to enhance our place that we reached on the market with our quality insurance EN ISO 9001:2001, and environment management ISO 14001: 2004.

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